TV advertising

Heavyweight campaigns with improved TVR targeting to maximise impact

  • Introduction of new TV Commercial to help drive both new and current lines such as Biteysaurs Bing, Bings House & Dancing Bing
  • TV Focus in key selling times to drive sales in Q3/Q4

Focus on driving traffic to retailers from multi channel digital with an 'always on' approach & focus on key selling times – Q3/Q4

  • Build further consumer awareness of new products with multi-channel activity
  • Updated/New Assets across the year to keep the consumer interested in the products and drive a higher engagement rate
Brand Activity

Themed hotel rooms at Cbeebies Land and a brand new show at Cbeebies Land launching in March 2022

Bing was selected as BBC Children in early years fundraising partner for 2021

ZSL London Zoo partnership (20 Sept - 31 Oct 2021) was a success, with extra story time sessions and meet & greets scheduled due to high demand

Bing & Flop included in the festive activity at Gulliver’s Land Resort Milton Keynes and new location Gulliver’s Valley Resort, South Yorkshire

Exciting summer festival programme and character meet & greets in 2021 with more planned in 2022!


    PR focus on new key lines to build awareness. With an all year PR focused strategy

    • Influencer activity will be a key driver and link closely with the digital activity
    • Consumer editorial and gift guides at key times
    • Continued entry to key awards to build on success
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